giseoahu (giseoahu) wrote,

Boner to end all Boners!

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So today was a pretty normal day at work. Joked around with coworkers, got a little work done, had some me-time in my office, and had a boring ass board meeting.

However for some damn reason I had the worst boner of all time today! It started around 11 and stayed with me for the rest of my day at work. I mean this thing was incredible! Usually thinking about sports or something long and hard enough will calm the little guy down, but not today. He wasn't having any of my b.s. and made it known that he wanted some attention.

 After a while of ignoring it, I couldn't take anymore of my throbbing member in my pants; calling me, telling me to play with him. I haven't had a boner like this since I was in my teens. A boner so hard that it actually hurt; so hard that it broke free from the constricting elastic band in my underwear several times! You know the trick guys do to hide a boner by placing your underwear band on top of it?

Yeah it was just that serious!

As I desperately tried to conceal my boner, I kept wondering if one of the castrating she-devils at my job had something to do with my sudden priapistic onslaught. Could they have possibly slipped a Viagra or purchase cialis in my drink when I wasn't paying attention? My mind danced around that scenario all day until it was finally time to get out of there.

Most of the time I'll stay late to make sure my subordinates and interns are squared away with their work, but screw that! Today I was out of there like a lightning bolt leaving a trail of papers and precum in my wake! lmao! Okay I'm just joking, my papers were in a briefcase. lol. Is he joking, is he joking? Yeah I'm joking...

So yeah, I made my way back to the apartment where I finally spent some time with my little guy. Not sure why he was acting up today, but I damn sure know not to neglect him again. I swear it was like a crying child in the middle of a movie! Just remember guys, treat your little guy right or he'll turn on you in public! lol.

If you have some embarrassing erection stories, tell them here. We're a pretty open and accepting community. lol.

Later guys...

P.S. I guess I'll be bringing back the Cruise Spot of the Week segment. The overwhelming majority of you guys wanted it back. Stay tuned for that also.

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